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Friday, 16 March 2012

Who needs goats?

There I was earlier thinking should I do another French posting this Friday and thought well I'll look through my photos later and think about it. Only to discover later that it IS Friday today!!! This week has gone by in a frenzy of gardening activity, replacing fence posts in the veg patch (even treated posts rot after 5 years or so), spending quality time with my new ducks in the hope they will get used to me (the girls are less nervous than the drake, oh and by the way they have started laying! woop woop) and having a day off yesterday going out for a lovely Italian meal which we sat outdoors eating on the terrace in the sun. Came home and there was a chilly north wind blowing here, the high was only 15.2C yet I see the high for Rennes was over 20C. Yup I live in frosty hollow.

I'm also annoyed with Picasa as I downloaded an update only to find it has seriously mucked up my uploading photos to the sizes I want for sharing, both to my blog and to post on forums. So it is taking me twice as long to either upload huge over 2000 pixel wide photos (so not suitable for sharing *rolls eyes*) or back to manually reducing them in size, otherwise I get blurry photos on the blog because a large photo shown small on a blog posting blurs it, particularly if it is a macro shot. Bah humbug.

So what's this got to do with goats? Well remember that nice new run we made for the chooks full of green stuff? It's trashed. I now have 3 brown chicken runs! The new one is just a mess of dead vegetation, sticks, fir cones and stones spread all over a mass of mostly bare earth. They've even got rid of all the ivy that was in one corner! I do not belieeeeve it (said in my best Victor Meldrew impersonation).

Oops how many moans was that in one post?

It doesn't matter how many times I tell them if they scratch it up, they'll have
no grass, but they won't listen to me and keep complaining about it....

See how thick that ivy in the foreground was? What was inside the run is all gone!
I'm sure they are sitting there with smug grins on their faces.

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