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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Sun and strawberries

With lovely weather forecast this week until Saturday, it's full steam ahead in the garden, and I have found myself back in the veg patch again. I haven't finished the flower bed and shrub pruning and tidying up yet but it felt good to get back with the veg and soft fruit again. I've not been feeling much like doing seed sowing but yesterday's glorious sunshine gave me a boost so I am hoping to get my broad beans in today now the soil is nearly ready for them - I just need to spread some organic fertiliser around and give it a rake over.

Veg patch in the shadows of the greengage tree -
rows of strawbs where all the hoops are

Yesterday I tidied up all my rows of strawbs, weeded and spread well rotted compost around the plants, as well as potting up probably far too many runners of both Gariguette (non remontant) and Charlotte (remontant) as I need to start off a new row of Gariguettes as my 3 year old row will be composted after fruiting in the summer, and the Charlottes which I bought last year did very well bearing very sweet large fruit (and no, they are not spuds!!) so I want some more of them. I also had to repair the mulot damage as I was tidying up which meant trying to shove soil back down all the tunnels under the strawberries. They are always burrowing under the strawbs (and elsewhere) and are the bane of my life.

Messy plants needing tidying

Lovely home made compost
Gariguettes potted up

Finally done, although it doesn't really show it very well in the photo!

Yes I know there's a rogue one there
that I forgot to take out!

And this shot is just because it's cheery, it wasn't staged but I liked the bright daffodils next to the blue trug. The daffs are ones which 'escaped' from a load which were heeled in in a corner of the veg patch one year! They are not in the way so I leave them be.

Finally, it's hard to believe but in about two and a bit months I shall probably be doing this again...... I'd better hurry up and eat/give away last year's jam!


  1. All fog and fried eggs here today. Longing for strawberry days (and I have some to plant too - exciting!!)

  2. Was foggy here too until lunchtime yesterday, and the forecast of 18C wasn't quite right!