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Saturday, 10 March 2012

Duck Story II: The Sequel

Click HERE for the original Duck Story and background.

Once upon a time, there was a very lonely and sad white duck called Freckles. She had lost her friend Daffy to the nasty fox and the nice lady who looked after her had been umming and ahhing for a while trying to decide what best to do next. She spent some time persuading her husband that Freckles really needed some new playmates. He, being a nice man, finally agreed.  All the while poor Freckles tried her best to befriend the moorhens and the wild mallards, but whilst they tolerated her, they just didn't want to play. So she remained sad and lonely.

The nice lady scoured the small ads for ducks but finally decided to go back to the market from where her original ducks had come. This time there was a man selling interesting duck breeds so she decided to buy a pretty female Rouen who she named Rachel (pronounced Rachelle, as she is French), and a pair of Saxons, Dirk and Doris. Dirk is the handsome chap in the foreground and Doris the pretty apricot girlie on the left.

The nice lady nearly had kittens when the duckies decided to jump up on the log pile which had got rather low and waddle all over it. They thought it was much more fun than sitting in the straw.

Rachel the Rouen poses as she knows she is a pretty girl.

After a few days the nice lady left the shed door open so the duckies could go out to play, but they were big wusses and felt safer on top of their nice log pile, so Freckles was still sad.

When they finally dared to come outside late in the day there was no stopping them. The nice lady was amazed as they went straight to the pond and hopped in. She breathed a sigh of relief as she would not have to spend weeks enticing them little by little towards the water, like she had with the previous duckies.

Once outside they would not stop preening. Perhaps it was a nervous thing about being outdoors in a strange place? It was very odd but amusing, the weird positions they contorted themselves into.

"Whatever" said Freckles. "I'm happy. I have friends again".

But lo, a strange light did appear in the sky, which reflected itself perfectly in the water, and thus the ducks they did stand still and pose.

Not once, but twice.

The moment was over, the strange light moved on and the duckies legged back to the shed area for a quick bite.

Before racing back to the pond again.

And all was well again in the Moorhen household. Happy nice lady, happy nice man, happy new duckies and most importantly, very happy Freckles.

(until Part III.......but we hope that won't happen for a while yet)


  1. Awww - and they lived happily ever after.

  2. Awww fab - I'm glad to see freckles is happy and I love the photo of them posing together, although I couldn't work out who the nice lady was ;)

  3. So that's what ducks look like in the sunlight... They are very pretty. I'm glad they seem to have settled in okay and are enjoying the pond...

  4. lovely looking ducks - and lucky ones to have such a nice home too.

  5. Thanks guys (apart from Mumma Troll ;-) ) - they seem to have stopped the manic preening now and seem more settled and have been quite close to me as I was gardening this afternoon. I managed to get them in the shed tonight too though they didn't look impressed as it was a good hour before dusk!