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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thoughtful Thursday

Out there are some lovely people who have sent me things over the last year or so just out of the kindness of their hearts as they saw something and thought of me. Or maybe it's because I opened my big mouth and said "Oh I'd love to try that/can't get that here in France/this part of Brittany" or similar. Perhaps I should shut up! But you know who you are and this posting is my way of thanking you from the bottom of my heart. xxx

I should point out that I haven't even met 3 out of these 4 lovely ladies, but they have been virtual friends for ages and are a part of that great bunch of people who go by the name of 'Ishers' from the brilliant website and forum The other was originally a virtual friend too but I finally met her years ago and we have been friends in real life and virtually since. So in a way this is yet another post celebrating the wonders of new technology. I should really stop being such a grump about technological advances - it has benefitted me hugely..... once I finally figure out how to use something! ;-)

For sewing with chunky wool

Memories of childhood

Love it or hate it!

Pink Roscoff onion sets - the best!

The sweet things are long gone so I had to nick some photos from other sites. I don't know if that is allowed but hey, they get some free advertising from me!


  1. "I don't know if that is allowed..." I should jolly well hope so!! (though you might want to mention your sources. Note to self to do some tidying up...)

  2. Cheers Will. The choc was from the Daily Mail and the iced gems I think was Poundland. However that's where I get confused over who I should credit for the photo - the photographer, the site it came from or the co. producing the product.... hmmmmm confusing!

  3. Thanks for the thanks Mandy and see you soon!

    Philippa x

  4. Thanks for reading Philippa and I will be in touch re that! xx

  5. If you steal the photograph from the manufacturers then they will be happy for the free advertisement but if it's from a news website etc, then it's technically illegal, but in a court of law you could argue that under fair use policies the content could be used as you are not using them for commercial gain.

  6. Thanks for the clarification Jenson - I hadn't expected to use anyone else's photos on my blog really so hadn't looked into it.

    1. I have an opposing view to copyright and patent laws. I believe they restrict the progress of humans by creating monopolies. Imagine if the first person who "invented" fire had a patent on its use!