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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Versatile Blogger Awards

Being quite new to blogging I was really chuffed to receive one of these awards from Sara at elf sufficient! Thanks Sara!

From what I understand of it, I have to nominate others to pass this award to, then for the amount of awards I give out I have to tell you that many 'Things about me that you probably didn't know'. That's probably harder than deciding who I will pass the award on to!

I would like to nominate the following three blogs to pass the award on to - so in no particular order here they are:


Brittanygirl's blog is a blog about.... yes living in the department of 22 (Cotes d'Armor), Brittany and I love it because she takes tons of great photos, which I like to see on a blog. She sees beauty in all sorts of everyday things, and also has chickens and ducks and goats and grows veggies, so we have a lot in common!

The Part Time Smallholder

I only recently discovered that Bonnie had a blog and she is blogging for England now that she has her mojo back after a bit of a break over the winter months. I think her blog is great fun and how she has the time to do what she does with animals, veggies and flowers whilst holding down a job as well I don't know! A great read.

Chronicles of the Troll Family

This is a blog that I used to read occasionally last year and thoroughly enjoyed. Mamma Troll is nifty with her sewing machine and has a little front garden to die for, where she manages to cram in fruit, flowers and veg and it is very pretty. She has a very interesting family and I enjoy reading all about them and seeing all her photos, including seeing the photos of her older daughter who always seems to be giving me the evil eye, which makes me chuckle!

I've known all three of these lovely ladies for quite a few years now out in internet land, and all are members of forum.

And now, three things you probably didn't know about me!

1. My favourite film of all time is "The Sound of Music". The first time I saw it I was the same age as the littlest girl in it. Now I'm probably older than any member of the cast (then!) and still enjoy it as much as I did when I was a child.

2. I am quite a technophobe and resist change because I find it all rather overwhelming and hard to get my non technical head around. Even on the internet I have resisted so many things for so long. Take blogging, I just didn't 'get' it. And now years later I have started blogging myself! Facebook I had an account there years back but had no idea what I was supposed to do with it but finally have got into it! I still don't 'get' Twitter even though I have an account there and even managed to Tweet a few weeks ago. I am still trying to 'get' Google+. One day I may even have a mobile phone with a camera.... do you understand how far behind I am with everything..... lol

3. Ummmmmmm. OK just to show I am not embarassed by this. I used to be a Bay City Rollers fan and back when I was capable of sewing I even had 'The Gear'. You may laugh all you like :-)


  1. Wow thanks Mandy, that's really kind.

    Do I do the same thing you have on my blog now?

    Oooh how exciting!

  2. My pleasure Bonnie. Everyone is now notified so my job is done! :-)