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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

February flowers

A bit thin on the ground, but there are plenty of signs of spring and my first tiny daffodil opened up about 5 days ago and now I have about 4 open! Some things that were in bud got a bit frosted during the recent cold snap which is a shame, but all in all it seems that spring is nice and early this year.

Tiny wee flowers on Pulmonaria

Pieris, not totally cheating as this is just in bud, but can you see
the snowdrops through it?


Hellebore, showing some frost damage

Finally, my poor Mimosa tree, which has been frosted again just as it was coming into flower. There are still a few flowers blooming up against the house wall and it smells gloriously of honey and has attracted honey bees already. But firewood it will have to be as this is now the 3rd time it has been frosted in the last 4 years and you can see how much we have had to prune out previously from frost damage. I really live in frosty hollow as other people have these trees and they don't seem to get affected like my one. Sob.

Mimosa flowers

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