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Friday, 3 February 2012

Finally finished my jumper!

I started this 2 winters ago! Granted I didn't do much of it the first winter; got the majority of the knitting done last winter and this winter I have been putting off as much as possible all the horrid bits like doing the neck, finishing off the sleeves and sewing up. But thanks to the freezing weather I had no excuse so have been sewing it up whilst watching dire afternoon telly (if I never see another Alan Titchmarsh afternoon show I will be a happy bunny).

Oh don't laugh. I am rubbish at posing!

I adapted this from a pattern for a jumper in plain stocking stitch, although it was for this yarn (100%, undyed natural wool). I haven't done cable for over 20 years so thought I would try to do some simple cable panels and soon learnt I needed to add far more stitches in the width of the body so there were bits I had to undo and start again at the beginning.

A closer up view

Overall I am very happy with it - although it was meant to be about 2" longer but there you go - good old cable stretches widthways making it a bit shorter never mind how much you stretch it whilst holding the length up against you for size whilst knitting it! But I'm sure it will stretch after a few washes and it's lucky I'm slim!

Even closer up - it's hanging over the back of
the sofa which is why it looks like it was chopped off!

Really pleased to have finished this so HOORAY and YIPPEE and now I can start some other projects - the OH is moaning because I've been promising him another beanie for a couple of years - though it isn't like he doesn't already have enough hats!