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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Fudge failure

Following on from my success making the really easy peanut butter fudge, I had a go at another recipe. I wanted to make the kind of fudge that I love best, that sugary, gritty type of home made fudge you see on counters in little country shops and in gift shops at gardens open to the public, in little cellophane bags with about 6 chunks in costing an arm and a leg. Not that awful mass produced commercial "A gift from xxxx containing real clotted cream" type fudge, which is all smooth and chewy and toffee like and gets stuck in my teeth giving me tooth ache.

Recently I saw a link for a website posted on the forum which contained this fudge called Milk Tablet (not something I've ever heard of before), and as it looked in the photo exactly the kind that I love so I thought I'd have a bash.

It wasn't to be though - whilst I've got the taste and the grittiness it hasn't set enough and looks fine when just out of the fridge but the reality is it really needs to be eaten with a teaspoon!

It's mostly disappointing as I was going to send (some of) it to my mum for her birthday as she loves this kind of fudge too, but you can't really send gooey fudge in the post :-(

We've managed to eat the bits from each end and I think I may now be able to actually get it out of the tin! I'm going to freeze some of it in batches so that it can be reheated and used as fudge sauce, or just nibbled a bit here and there.

After all, the whole lot did contain 5,350 calories, according to the recipe!

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