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Sunday, 12 February 2012

A different kind of wild life - a night out!

I was trying to remember the last time I went to a gig and think it was back when we were living in London - Daryl Hall at some smallish venue somewhere in north London, around 94 or 95. Since then I was supposed to go to a couple more, The Proms in Rotterdam (absolutely nothing like the Albert Hall proms) starring Joe Cocker, someone else I can't remember and a mystery guest, who turned out to be Tony Hadley, before he turned all puffy. I got flu and had to cancel and was really cross when I found out watching this on the telly who I had missed seeing! The next gig was the Stones in Lyon, but this time one of the band got sick and they cancelled. So music and me were not to be and as I've got older I really have no interest any more, preferring the peace and quiet of the countryside and birdsong for my music! Yes it's official. I'm a boring old fart and proud of it!

So it was with some trepidation I allowed myself to be persuaded by a friend to buy tickets for a sort of anglo french mixed music evening in a village hall not too far away. The tickets said there would be a mix of chorale, opera, traditional, jazz, folk and rock. Not much of which interests me! But it was all in aid of several local animal refuges and charities, and my friends were going, so we thought 'oh why not, we hardly ever go out in the evening anyway'!

Well I have to say it was a lot of fun - not sure really what happened to the jazz or rock unless that happened after we left - we weren't the first to leave thankfully but I do tend to turn into a pumpkin after 11pm as I'm an early to bed, early to rise kind of person. The hall was packed with loads more people than had been envisaged, the food which was a great spread of finger buffet bits and bobs followed by cake went very fast (but I'm even faster so I had a good plateful), we sat around at tables watching a right eclectic mix whilst having a chat. It did seem to be about 80% British there though and I had thought there might have been some Breton music but that wasn't to be. The good thing is that it wasn't...... loud. I don't do loud, in fact I never did do loud! 

Above I believe is the chorale, and the guy with the banjo was brilliant.

I'm not sure my OH was totally impressed at everything ;-)

Some grainy photos of us, taken without flash. I like grainy as it irons out the wrinkles! Mind you, it makes you look blotchy instead.

And finally, this guy. I forgot to take a photo of him as he was playing guitar and singing, probably because he was the most modern thing about the evening and I was too busy watching. But he is cool, waaaaaay far too cool. I hate cool people. I've never been cool, even back when I thought I was cool. In fact he's so cool I'm sure he won't mind appearing in my blog. Which he'd never read anyway because I don't know him from adam and anyway he's far to cool to look at blogs.


  1. Who's that handsome beast you're with?!? ;-)

    The guy in the hat (Tim, I believe) was quite good, the rest was a bit Hinge & Bracket for me.....