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Saturday, 14 January 2012

January flowers

Winter has arrived with a short spell of below zero temperatures forecast over the next few nights which should put paid to the last of the summer/autumn flowers which have been going on and on. It's been somewhat wierd to see roses and geraniums flowering at the same time as the winter/early spring flowers which have started very early this year. Luckily I went out with my camera and captured some of the more photogenic ones the other day - granted you need a magnifying glass for some of the flowers like violets - but every little flower I notice brightens my day and I counted 15 different species in flower.


Snowdrops -
usually a February flower here

Rosemary -
this usually does flower in late winter

Tiny wild Viola, looking a bit munched, but
barely noticeable to the naked eye

Borage - such a beautiful colour

Primrose - not at all unusual to be flowering
all through winter, but has its main display in early spring

Ivy-leafed Geranium still flowering since about May

OK there were only 5 flowers on the whole shrub but!

Campanula - this plant usually has a 2nd flush
in the autumn, and has not yet stopped!


As well as the above, I have roses, coriander, violets, gaillardia and corncockles with flowers on. Not the showy displays of spring or summer but in mid January, anything is a bonus!


  1. I just have to comment on the graphics you have posted, your photography is simply fantastic! (Makes me a tad envious, but I'll adjust) I would love to live near such a beautiful pond, it looks so serene and peaceful!
    So happy to have come across your blog!

  2. Thanks for the nice comments Greg. Some of those flowers have been trashed by the frost now so I am glad I got out there with my camera when I did!