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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Happy chickens

The new chicken run is completed! We have so much space here yet it is not easy to find more space for an enclosed run as we have a path into the woodland and wood shed running alongside the chook run, so the only option was to extend back into the woodland itself. 

We couldn't give them more space because of a big conifer tree rather in the way. But hopefully this additional run which they will access through one or the other of the existing runs will do them until the grass and weeds start to grow again in the spring.

You can see from this photo just how barren their space had become, even though I was alternating them between the two runs. So, compost and compost bins moved and then we (or should I say, he!) set to work. I did help with the post bashing in, honest. I held the posts whilst they were being bashed in and checked with the spirit level! At least at this time of year now the ground is no longer frozen the posts go in really easily - it's a different kettle of fish in summer when the ground is so dry it is rock hard.

Project Man was not deterred by a bit of drizzle. Finally it was completed but the chooks needed encouragement as they hadn't noticed a new hole at the end of the run!

It didn't take them long - soon as one noticed and started running they all started running!

There's quite a decent sized extra bit here with loads of trees and lots of places to dig where the compost bins had been sitting (now on the outside of the fence). The only sad thing is that Freckles the duck saw them and thought they had been let out to play with her, only to realise they were still behind a fence. I really must keep on with trying to convince my OH that we need more ducks, although this might involve a long drive to collect any that I might see advertised. I will, of course, keep you posted!

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