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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Rainy day jobs

It's been horrible weather outside today, windy and wet so I haven't spent any more time out there than necessary. The freezer defrosting is coming along nicely with the aid of the borrowed freezer, which fits just perfectly in the cellar allowing me to still get at the washing machine and the spare fridge.

Yesterday evening I finished knitting the jumper I started 2 winters ago. The fact that that very statement is not preceded by whoops of joy indicates that - yes I finished knitting it - but no, it is a long way from finished. Anyone who knits will know the sinking sensation felt when it comes to that dreaded of tasks... sewing it all up. I've done the worst bit which is the neck and even sewn on one sleeve and have done all the pinning it together and checking it fits/works (I think it does but I mucked about with a plain pattern and putting cable panels in). So you'll have to wait for a photo when it is actually completed.

So to while away the hours when there is naff all on the telly I am going to make a start on this cardi. I love the way it says 'easy knit' - well OK maybe it is, but cardigans are notoriously hard to get right as the button and buttonhole panels always seems to shrink and pull or flap open resulting in having to wear the cardi always buttoned up. I haven't knitted a cardi in over 20 years (having had a break from knitting for about 18 years!!) so here's hoping. It doesn't help that the tension squares I did didn't quite work out with any size needle so I'm going to do the slightly smaller size needles but knit a larger size!

I have hat wearing ability envy looking at this picture - I just can't wear hats. Not hats, not caps, not even a knotted hanky, and god forbid a baseball cap, forward or backward. I just look ridiculous. My OH on the other hand has a hat obsession and has so many it annoys me as they have a tendancy to take over - the hall cupboard is full of them and our cellar shelves where I want to store things like apples for the birds are always full of hats too. Somewhere on my list of Things To Knit is a purple beany for him. He will have to wait!

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