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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

We have a stream again!

Great excitement yesterday after a wild night of wind and rain to discover the stream which feeds our lake had started flowing again! It's one of the highlights of the year here at Chateau Moorhen but it normally happens in October or November. Suffice to say I donned my brand new waterproof wellies and had lots of fun playing divert the stream until I sunk into thick, quicksand like mud and fell over! It will take a while to fill completely - possibly a couple of weeks, depending on how much more rain we get but the good news is that the level was already raised by about 6 inches/15cm, and I could see signs of lots of fish activity in the newly oxygenated and fresh water. Freckles the duck (the blob in the 3rd photo) had good fun playing in it too.

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