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Saturday, 31 December 2011

A very strange year

Gardening wise that is. Otherwise I think it was a very pleasant year! But as the point of this blog (at this moment in time; who know what I may decide to blather about in the future) is to record 'stuff' about my garden then it's that to which I am referring. A dry winter followed by an early warm and dry spring (the driest since goodness knows when), then thankfully a reasonably wet summer, followed by the driest autumn since goodness knows when. And then came December when the heavens opened and I have just recorded the wettest month since I started keeping records over 5 years ago. But only just.

This morning as I was ambling about in the drizzle, as you do (well, as I do), I noticed my purple Hellebore covered in buds with a couple of flowers open already! I'm not entirely surprised by this because the first year I planted it, it flowered away gaily in August and then again the following spring. So who knows, it could be late or it could be early! Here's a pic that I took on 9th Feb this year.

I also spotted the first snowdrop almost open - it's at that stage where the flower is there in full and drooping downwards but not quite opened up. That's when I consider spring to be sprung (ever the optimist!) or at the very least, the signs of a new season starting. But certainly the garden is way advanced in terms of bulbs all appearing, even tulips, whereas it hasn't yet quite died down for the winter. It, and I, don't know whether we are coming or going. I am having days where I feel raring to go and others where I want to hibernate.

The other things that don't know what season it is are the hens and duck! When faced with a glut of eggs the usual recommendation is to freeze some for those times during winter when they go off lay.... hmmmmm do they not realise tomorrow is the 1st of January? I have 6 out of 7 laying, not all every day, but generally getting about 4 eggs a day now. Help!

All sizes and colours -
the white ones are from the ducks

Finally, and as this is mostly a record for me, don't bother reading on if you are sliding around in a quagmire (I know who you are!!) and fed up with the wet stuff falling from the sky...... yes it's squidgy here too but I've been reliably informed it is as nothing compared to the real muddy places.....

My rainfall data

2007:  944mm
2008:  878mm
2009:  867mm
2010:  757mm
2011:  663.75mm (over a quarter of which fell in December)

Do you see a worrying trend with my terribly scientific records?

Now if you have read this far, and 'chapeau' as we say round these parts to you if you have, may I wish you a Happy New Year and hope that your gardens grow, bloom and blossom beautifully next year, and that your harvests will be perfect with just the right amount of everything, no courgette gluts, no blight and no slug damage! Yes we can wish but wouldn't it be boring if it was perfect! See ya next year xx.


  1. Very worrying. When we first moved here, our celler would flood each winter - just a few inches, nothing serious. It's not done that for four years now.

  2. Jon D? We've been here since 2004 - dry spells in summer is quite normal but dry Oct thru March isn't!