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Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas chickens and flowers

I saw this in a Xmas craft market earlier in December and loved it. It sat on the dining table for about a week until I asked my OH to hide it away and give it to me for Crimbo. Which he did - and as I had totally forgotten about it I got a nice surprise pressie! There's a benefit to getting old and forgetful ;-)

As for the real chooks, their Xmas pressie was to be let out to destroy my garden, which they did with gusto. Freckles the duck hangs out with them every time now; she must be more lonely than she appears to be and seems to really enjoy their company.


Whilst my OH was cooking our dinner, I got out and did what I'd been hoping I would be able to do, take a photo of a geranium still alive and flowering on Christmas day! What a first! Although the garden certainly looks very wintery there are a fair few things still clinging to life with a few flowers here and there.

Ivy leafed geranium
Cranesbill geranium "Jolly Bee"
Gaillardia - this plant has flowered
non stop for at least 7 months!

Last but certainly not least, I have a veg patch full of borage not just flowering, but still germinating! I can't possibly start digging it up when it is still looking pretty - will just have to hope we have some proper winter weather soon so we can get the veg patch ready for the next growing season.

I have also discovered that my mum has had a look at my blog - thanks to my brother stalking me and finding out about it - so just want to say "Hi Mum! xx". But darn, I can't whinge about family now!!! *joke!*

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