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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Overgrown kitten update

At what point do I stop calling them kittens? Harry and Bertie are just over seven months old now, and about 3/4 the size of Hallie. They are like teenagers, in and out and treating the house like a hotel, somewhere to sleep and expect food whenever it suits them. But they are still very kittenish and great fun. They have practically identical markings and are the same height, but Bertie is very skinny and appears very long and lanky, whereas Harry is a chunky boy with enormous paws and great thick tail. He's going to be a big lad when he's fully grown.

I didn't take many photos in October due to going away, but have made up for it in November. 

Hallie and Bertie, early in October.

Mid October and three could just about fit in the large basket. But only just.

Whereas as few weeks later Bertie still looked very little in it on his own.

Hallie, just because I have a tendancy to take
pictures of the kittens rather than her, poor girl!

Harry on our bed with his little seal toy.

And being given a good wash and brush up by Bertie.

Bertie gets the hang of this tree climbing business now.

Harry blending in with the autumn leaves.
(and spoils the picture because his collar keeps coming untucked - time for adult collars now.)

More recently. Two overgrown kittens just fit the large basket.

But it's a tight fit in the small basket!

Which often gets used in unusual ways.

It's been a long time since we had this many cats and now the youngsters are a lot bigger it's not always so great when they want to sleep on the bed with us.... on us..... or start fighting on top of us.... oh and not to mention that apparently they have been escaping under the fence somewhere and all three were spotted by a neighbour in their garden. Little tinkers! And of course as all cat owners know, all those times they come inside dripping wet and decide that your clothes (especially fluffy dressing gowns) are a great place to sit on to dry themselves. But it's great having three cats - I really missed having more than one. :-)

Happy Caturday!


  1. Not a cat guy Mandy - I think I crave attention and don't get it ;-P

    Still love the shot of Bertie stalking down the branch in a 'big catish' way.

    1. Who craves attention Nick? You or cats? I know cats do - when it suits them!
      Thanks for looking anyway and glad you like my big brave hunter! :-)

  2. A question burns my lips: did you call him Harry because he's ginger? :)))
    Love that picture of him with the seal toy :)

    1. Sort of - he just looked so like a Harry to me.... a particular Harry, probably the one you are alluding to. ;-) He nearly got called Bob which suits him as he bobs a lot, but I felt that he just HAD to be Harry, despite having Hallie, which causes some confusion!
      Thanks for commenting M-H and nice to see you in blogland! :-)

  3. Hi, Mandy! Love the seal toy, does Harry invites you to play along?
    Pleased to read you're so happy with your growing family!

    1. Hi Jan! I think Harry would be just as happy to stick his claws in/play with me but the seal just sort of lives in the bedroom as something to throw to distract them when they are attacking our feet or being very annoying. Sometimes though Harry seems to like to snuggle up to it. :-)
      Thanks for visiting, and glad you like my free cakes!