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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Berkshire part 2

My sister in law took me along to a craft fair held at the fitness club (open to the public) at Wellington College. I'd never even heard of this place and was absolutely astounded by the magnificent building/s. It is in fact a public school which is not surprising! Bit different from the average state school..... For those who don't understand the British public school system, public means completely the opposite - they are private, very exclusive, incredibly expensive, and traditionally boarding, schools. Think Eton College, where all the young princes go to school! We're talking that kind of establishment.,_Berkshire

We had a great walk around the outside of the buildings and some of the grounds, which in fact extends to 400 acres. It was really quite an eye-opener as to how the other half live.

As a fun comparison, I found a picture of my old school - it was a girls only, free state school, with a good academic reputation, but with this hideous 50s or 60s 'tower block' as we called it, at the front. Just a tad different from the one above!

School's new homes plan to pay off debt
Photo credit: Bucks Free Press (photographer unknown).

The craft fair was really good with some great original crafts there and I got a ceramic pot with a lid with chickens on, which my SIL bought me as a Xmas pressie. Some more pics of the buildings around the college:

Something I really noticed in England, most particularly around the parts of Berkshire where we visited, was the absolute abundance of berries on so many plants. Very attractive and great for the birds!

My SIL spotted this fungus - I hadn't seen one for years! This is the original 'toadstool' - just google toadstool and all the images will be this spotty red and white one. 

Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria).

My sneaky SIL took a photo of me taking a photo of it. She's been into photography for years and I used to think, oh come on, for goodness sake, stop taking photos because we are taking forever to walk around this park/garden/town/whatever and I'm getting bored to tears. Errrrm. That's me now!

And to finish off, the whole Outlaw family out for fish and chips. (Inlaw - Outlaw, get it?) :-)

I'm happy because I got my fix of scampi and chips!
Brother in law on the left. OH doesn't look amused.

And BLEAGH! They sell mushy peas at this place. Double yuk. Even my Polish SIL ordered some!

And that's the end of my English trip in photos. Hope you enjoyed them - makes a bit of a change from bugs. ;-)


  1. And a fun time was had by all! Funny story about your change of heart regarding photography :-)

    1. lol Marianne! I've always taken loads of photos on holidays etc but was never really 'into' it and didn't know anything about cameras other than pointing and shooting. About 3 years ago I decided I wanted to try to learn a bit more so got my compact camera and then never looked back and well the rest is history.... :-)
      But I am well aware that not everyone wants to hang around whilst I am searching the undergrowth for bugs or even just shooting scenery, so I only impose that on my poor husband, and still not as much as I'd like. Sometimes it's best as a solitary hobby!

  2. Your MIL and FIL law great for their age!
    That school is impressive too.


  3. Look great for their age I meant to write!


    1. I understood! If you think that this time last year they were celebrating their 70th Wedding Anniversary.... FIL is not so good and has lost loads of weight :-( but I don't think they look 90 and 91 respectively. That reminds me, must check their anniversary date!
      As for the school, I was amazed. When my SIL mentioned it was at a college, I thought it was just an ordinary further education one!