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Saturday, 4 August 2012

We have a boat!

Somebody, and that somebody is not me, has been hankering after a boat for quite some time. Many years ago we bought one of those cheapie inflatable jobs you get from the catalogue trucks that come around the villages, had a fun row around the pond together once, then one of the rollocks fell off, rendering it fairly unusable! After that the boat was never used; the last I recall even seeing it was moving it one time and finding a grass snake under it. I thought it had long gone to the dechetterie and didn't even know we still had it, until my OH got it out recently and found it had been munched by mice.

We had a look in a local 'outdoor' type of shop and small plastic boats were going for about €400, which is a heck of a price. Same price in various online shops. So I suggested he have a look on Le Bon Coin, which is a French website for selling or giving away all manner of things. Et voila - a couple of boats for sale on the south side of Rennes. He made a cheeky offer and was accepted. New toy for €160!

Of course he had to have a go straight away soon as he'd got it home on the trailer. Note: you need two people when you are getting into it - one to hold onto it firmly. I had a camera in one hand so the poor guy nearly ended up in the drink. Now that would have been worth it for the photo opportunity!

Someone is very proud of his new toy

"Right, so how do I go about this, exactly, then?"

Managed - just!
The oars are a little short as they are the ones that came with the inflatable boat, as the ones
that came with this boat are a bit warped.

Off he sails into the sunset......

And disappears off round the corner.....

God I'm bored. Where are the damselflies?

Oh Oh he's coming back, quick MMM take an interest!

Boys and their Toys.

Apparently it's my turn today. Oh. My. God.


  1. You are gonna have so much fun taking pictures from that :-)

  2. Thanks everyone! I think it will be fun but no taking cameras on board until I know what I'm doing with it!!!

  3. I bet he'll have an outboard motor by this time next week!
    Then you can go water skiing, very slowly!!
    Looks like fun.

    Philippa x

    1. Funny you should say that Philippa as he was just joking that I could start water skiing this morning - I said he'd jolly better row fast then we both burst in fits of giggles as we were picturing me sinking slowly down into the water because of the speed we'd be going at. :-)