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Friday, 3 August 2012

French Friday - Dinan Port

I have tons to blog about/update but with my brother being here we've been out a bit more than usual. So just for a change from veg, flowers and insects it's time to post some photos from a day out at Dinan Port.

Dinan is a medieval walled hilltop town with a chateau overlooking a valley where the Rance river flows through. Just down the hill from the town is Dinan Port beside the river, which is very picturesque and touristy and both places are linked by a steep narrow cobbled lane which has many stunning medieval buildings. No two are the same and there are Kodak moments everywhere! I'm sure I bored my OH and brother senseless stopping to take so many photos, but I'm a tourist when I'm in places like this and I just love the varied architecture, facades and windows.

There are boat trips to be had along the river, which shortly after Dinan becomes a part of the Rance estuary, eventually flowing out to sea after passing the hydroelectric barrage and bridge which links Dinard to St Malo.

I'm not going into more detail about the town, port or river as I do have rather a lot of photos - and these are only a few of the ones that I took!

The viaduct is the road bridge leading into the town from the direction in which we live, which gives stunning views down over the port area

Of course it is touristy and popular, with restaurants and cafes lining the riverside


Wandering up the road from the port leading to the town.
That's my brother's back view.

I found this building fascinating and wondered what the top half was,
as it just seems to have open slatted windows.

 I love this kind of higgeldy piggeldy building!

It being summer there is no excuse not to have window boxes galore!

Prettty blue woodwork.

Another view of it.

OK, time for a piccy of me..... not sure why I am standing like that.

The aubergine house. Well, it was slightly more of an aubergine colour and less
dusky pink in real life. Whatever shade you call it, I love it!

My OH and my brother

At the top of the road, looking through the town walls into the town proper.
We didn't go much further as we've wandered around Dinan itself before.

I had to have a closer look at this beautiful blue building though!

Whilst I've spared you any insect photos this time (I did take some actually....)
I couldn't resist this lovely house and garden that was just up a side lane.

This one....words fail me. Just stunning.
(Glad I don't have to clean those windows though!)

And finally back down the hill again to the river, looking in the direction of the sea.

And just because he'll probably kill me for it, here's a pic of my bro and me. :-)

In other 'Stop Press' news, a moorhen is back. Only seen one so far but we know it is one of 'ours' because it's been seen coming up the path from the lake to eat the duck food, and only the ones who have been raised here know to do that!


  1. Lovely pictures MM. Haven't been there for years, looks like you had a great day out!


    1. Thanks Philippa! It is lovely, maybe we can meet up there one day?

  2. the road up from the port is called Rue Jerzuelle, the boat with the hire sign used to belong to a friend from Jersey, J and I lived on our boat alongside for 3 months when we arrived in France and were looking for a house

    1. Hi TJ - long time no see! I hadn't realised this is where you used to keep your boat. It must have been fun living here!