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Tuesday, 7 August 2012


It seems really crazy to have to go to a zoo to see tame-ish moorhens close enough to photograph! Out in the wild they are very timid birds, but even here on our pond where they'll venture up from the pond to eat the duck food near the shed, any sign of us and they'll run off and hide under a tree or bush.

But in a place like a zoo (and no, they weren't exhibits!!) they are used to people. There was plenty of water between the various animal enclosures, so suitable habitat for them, and with the children throwing them popcorn which was on sale at the entrance (hopefully unsalted or unsweetened, which seemed to be for the kids to chuck to the animals in the petting zoo before we reached the more exotic species), I guess they've become used to humans. I saw at least two family groups with young so they seem settled and breeding here.

So we made the most of it so Chateau Moorhen could have a few decent photos of them! (Photos mostly taken by my OH who had the Canon with the telephoto lens).

Adult moorhen. It's impossible to tell the difference between the sexes,
or at least not for the layman.


Juvenile again

Whole family group after the popcorn!

I'll do a posting about this zoo when I can get my act together as it was a great afternoon out and well worth a visit, but my brother has just gone home this morning and we've been busy out and about so I'm a bit behind with my postings!

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