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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Rainfall data 2013

A very boring post which is just for my records, so don't bother reading unless you are a total geek. Like me. ;-)

Rainfall for the year 2013

Jan 76.5
Feb 78.0
Mar 141.0
Apr 56.0
May 106.5
Jun 39.75
Jul 102.5
Aug 34.5
Sep 35.5
Oct 60.5
Nov 104.5
Dec 134.5

Total: 969.75mm

It's been a strange year with some really heavy rainfalls at times yet still the usual dry period during summer, mostly during August and September. It would be so nice not to have to get the hosepipe out but rain never falls evenly through the year! This year has been almost as wet as last year, and good for replenishing the water table after a couple of years with dry winters. 

Previous years' rainfall:

2007:  944mm
2008:  878mm
2009:  867mm
2010:  757mm
2011:  663.75mm (over a quarter of which fell in December)

2012:  973.5mm 

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