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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Kitties growing up

I can't believe the kittens will be five months old in about ten days, so I'd better post these pics which I have compiled showing them from age three to four months! I have some more to share after that from when we let them out all on their ownsome a couple of days ago, which made it a lot easier to photograph them than when we took them out on their harnesses and little leads. 



The little basket is far too small for Hallie, let alone with Harry in it too!

"Can I join in too?" "No!"

Poor Bertie sulking alone in the big basket. Nobody likes this basket!

Aww - all peaceful for a change

Aww again!

Out on their little harnesses for the first time!

It's hard to take pics when you have one on a lead
so I gave them both to my OH, which wasn't easy for him.

Having a good sniff around, in that crouched down unsure position
that they adopt when they first go outside and everything is a bit scary.

Holding two is pretty hopeless as they both want to go in different directions!

Very tired after their exertions in the garden!

I don't think Bertie was in the mood for posing!

Harry, near the end of August and looking a little bit more grown up.

Two kittens don't fit in the small kitty basket very well any more.
At least not in this silly positon!


  1. Beautiful kittens, love the ones when they are lying together.


    1. Thanks Philippa - about the only time I can get photos of them that are not blurry is when they are asleep. :-)

  2. LOVED the photos! Would you believe I took very few stills of mine. Instead I only shot video. I love the videos but do wish I had some stills.

    Congrats on starting them on leads! I see your O.H. walking them together but I wonder how long that lasted :-) Ours have completely different agendas so after a couple of times trying to take them both at the same time, I gave up. When Christopher is out of town, I have to walk them separately which takes more time, of course.

    Did you ever see the video of Cloe on one of her walks? I just copied it from G+ and posted it on YouTube:

    1. Thanks Marianne! Just looked at your video - I thought Cleo was quick and 'my what an easy walk' until the end where you wrote it took 10 minutes! Nice to see your garden in context too - so lovely and so completely different from mine.

      How long did it last for my OH and two kittens - only about as long as it took for me to get those shots - bad enough with one kitten each and all those leads crossing and trying to keep them out of the undergrowth or going under the hedge! At least they didn't try climbing any trees (although the 2nd time out on their own, Hallie appeared and showed them how to!). I need to get some videos of them but keep forgetting; they'll be grown up before I ever remember. Will try next time they go outside!

    2. That was actually "Cloe" but she forgives you :-) Yes...pleas do take time to take some videos! We re-visit mine every few years and laugh out loud every time :-)

      Wish we could eventually let ours spend time by themselves outside but it's too dangerous. They come through our property on a daily basis and I've come face to face with Bobcats twice! The first time was with Cloe. She started acting strangely and then every hair seemed to stand on end. She started walking very slowly toward the front door and just a few feet away sat this gorgeous creature!!! I literally threw Cloe inside the door and grabbed my camera in time to get a shot. Very exciting.

      The second time, I was sitting with Cleo (his normal hunting stance :-) when a Bobcat came walking toward us! He obviously didn't see us and when he did, he turned immediately. Didn't get a shot that time.

      Here's a link to a collage I posted on G+ last year of some encounters on my property. The cats were in their outside enclosure when I took the photo showing one walking on the patio!

      Anyway...all in all...we cannot leave them for even a moment. Besides Bobcats, we regularly have Coyotes, Harris' Hawks (and other hawks) and even Mountain Lions on occasion. Food is scare for desert hunters so pets are an easy snack for them :-(

    3. I'm sure that was a typo as I know that Chloe has an H in it ;-) My OH has an actual camcorder (a recent one) so I may instruct him to make a video! I have struggled with how to upload them to my computer as Picasa doesn't recognise them and that's where I upload my photos to. He has a Mac and everything seems very simplified re. photos and videos with Macs.

      The bobcats are gorgeous! It must be great to see wildlife like that in your garden although of course I understand about not letting cats out on their own with them and the other creatures you mentioned. I suppose for us our biggest worry is traffic (not a lot around here but more pets get run over than attacked by foxes or dogs).

      We are fairly well fenced in but other cats get in so there is always the possibility that ours could get out.... but I figure they have a huge garden here and so far all our cats have seemed quite happy just to roam inside the fence wire. Cross fingers!

    4. No "H" in our Cloe's name. After I named Cleo, I just reversed the last two letters for her name :-)

      Traffic is just as dangerous for sure! It got one of my oldest and most love cats. Not here but when I lived in Florida. It was heartbreaking :-(

      Regarding Video.....I'm guessing the issue is with file type. I use software to edit my videos which converts them to a web-friendly format. What I use is for PC only but I know there are some equally easy programs on the Mac side. Have you tried iMovie? I also heard good things about iSkySoft -

      Oh...the camcorder should have come with software so that actually might be the best place to start. Hope you get it worked out. I look forward to seeing your movies!

    5. Oh dear, right OK, Cloe it is! :-)
      Sorry to hear about your cat :-( One of ours had a lucky escape after 'meeting' a car but was blinded in one eye - didn't stop her living a great life afterwards and only having vision in one eye didn't seem to impair her at all.

      I'v just been a bit lazy about video really and have never even checked out the Canon software that came with the cameras, which probably has something on it for dealing with videos from those cameras. I've made a few videos with my Cybershot and used the software that came with that for editing. I think the camcorder would be easier to use than cameras so I really need to learn how to use it.

      We took the cats out yesterday and my OH has 45 minutes of film which I have yet to watch - maybe there will be a few minutes of usable video to share! If I get on with the camcorder then I'll put the software that came with it on my PC to use for uploading and maybe editing. And that way it won't get mixed in with my photos!

    6. Hahaha - just started watching the video and I've got Harry here sitting on my desk captivated by these 'other' cats on the screen! :-)

    7. Oh yes! I forgot to mention how much my cats enjoy watching themselves :-)

  3. Awwwwww!!! Such gorgeous photos!
    I remember taking kitties out on leads for the first time - robot legs. They were not impressed!

    1. Hi Rachel and thanks very much! Glad I'm not the only one who takes them out on leads. I just had horrible visions of them disappearing never to be seen again, and now they've had a good walk all around the property, met the chickens (one inquisitive, one terrified!) and hopefully now know where the back door and cat flap is!