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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

New kittens

Meet Harry and Bert! We'd always planned on getting a teeny kitten this summer but somehow or other that ended up being two teeny kittens.... well two are not really any more work than one, and they play together and keep each other amused when we are out, or outside in the garden. 

Hallie is not altogether amused by them and they've been stealing her food as they think adult food is far nicer than their kitty biscuits! I found them on a small ads website called 'Leboncoin' where there are kittens galore being given away, and picked them up about nine days ago when they were just two months old. They've had their first set of vaccinations and have been microchipped but they shouldn't go outside until they have had their booster jabs in another month. However it only took them a couple of days before they were jumping through the first catflap into the cellar/laundry room..... we now have to keep the back door firmly shut and hope they don't follow us or Hallie outside!

Here's some photos of them mostly causing mayhem and mischief, with the odd blissful moment of peace captured in between.

Bert looking bigger than he is on Daddy's lap.

Their first day here when they discovered the houseplant in the hall!

It was a fun place to play and fight in.

The more dirt they could kick onto the floor to upset Mummy, the better!
Also it's a great plant to chew and scratch!

Harry racing back up the steps into the living room.

Bert notices the lens cap dangling from my camera.

These toys have seen some bashing from previous cats when they were kittens!

Especially the catnip toys, which must have long lost their smell,
have been slobbered on by various cats and are pretty disgusting now!

"I'm gonna get you!"

They've really become Daddy's boys - they don't yet sit on my lap! My OH has a footstool because he used to suffer from Plantar fasciitis (much better now) but for some reason cats really like the footstool and tend to take it over. If there are human legs on the footstool, they just sit on them instead.

A moment of peace and quiet.

"Don't disturb me with that flashy thing, I'm happy here!"

The two cat baskets have seen some cats too!
It's great being able to reuse the same old toys, scratchy post, baskets etc.
Cats are not fussed by this kind of thing ;-)

But the footstool is much nicer than the basket!

My OH surfing the web, and now covered in a blanket as his legs are a mass of scratches
from them climbing up his trousers onto his footstool.... :-)
He does actually have shorts on here!!

But let us not forget old friends. Remember I said I'd plant a Smokebush on Smokey's grave? I finally found a healthy specimen of Cotinus coggygria 'Grace' which now marks his final resting place. Life does go on and our feline friends change with time, but we will always keep fond memories of our pets from the past.

Smokebush 'Grace'


  1. SO cute!!! We almost ended up bringing home 5 kittens instead of the two we have. We first looked at a litter of 5 ginger striped siblings and of course I wouldn't have separated them BUT this time I had decided to let the kittens pick us this time as as they were about to open the cage to let the gingers out, I felt a paw on my back and there were Cleo and Cloe. Cleo was stretching his arm as far as he could! That was it :-)

    Also loved your tribute plant to Smokey. Lovely :-)

    1. Thanks Marianne, you didn't have to look and comment again as you have seen most of these on G+ anyway! I know what you mean about not separating any - that's why I was either looking at large litters where taking two would be fine, or where there were just two left. Of this litter, the family had already given away the two female kittens.

      Of course your kittens chose you! When we last had two kittens together it was from a refuge, and whilst we had only planned on getting one, there were two little sisters (less than 7 weeks old!) and the bolder and prettier one was saying "choose me!", so I immediately chose her sister cowering at the back, as I felt the pretty one would find a home much easier. But then I turned to my OH and said, "can we have both?" to which he replied, "I never thought we would leave here with only one!!!". :-)

      However, having just said that two are not more work than one... hmmm one doesn't fight with itself and they are now firmly banned from the bedroom as kittens racing around leaping up on the bed and fighting at 1am is not my idea of fun! Currently they are under my desk playing with all my computer cables.... lol

  2. They're so lovely, Mandy! Why are kittens irresistible?

    1. Thanks Sandra! I don't know, of all baby animals they are the ones that appeal to me the most. They are currently being naughty little tinkers and have made themselves well and truly at home!