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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

June in bloom (and a bit of July!)

I'm a bit behind as I'd wanted to do a June in bloom post but here we are already mid July! So I've gone through my hundreds of photos and selected some of the garden looking nice at various times and some of my favourite flowers. This period is from 10 June through to 6 July, and posted in date order.

I'll just caption them and not write reams. I think the pics will speak for themselves!

Bearded Iris, one in shade, one in sun - couldn't decide which one I liked best so posting both!

Rosa 'Gertrude Jekyll', a beautifully perfumed repeat flowering rose.

Weigela florida 'Alexander'

Unknown variety of Weigela,
grown from a cutting taken from a friend's garden.

Rose and Clematis arch. This rose (see name below) smells divine!

Rosa 'Zephirine Drouhin', a thornless climbing old French rose.

Clematis 'The President' with a sleepy Bumble Bee on it.

View from the window in my cellar/mud room
when the Peony was in bloom (a very brief season!).

Same view, different camera, more depth of field!

Smoke Bush - Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple'.

Front flower bed in June
(shame about the raspberries and blackberries in the background,
but hey they taste good!).

Shady bed round the back which has turned into a jungle
and needs some work done on it to thin out some of the self seeders,
but not whilst it is still looking good!

A blast of colour with wild Heartsease Violas and Gaillardia.

Self seeded Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) -
odd that I only had single flowered ones yet this is a double!

Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus).

Border by my cellar/mud room - it doesn't
get the sun until about 4pm so that's why
I put my Hydrangeas here.

Lavatera has gone mad and has flopped over since this picture!
It's a real blast of colour though.

White Astrantia major which self seeds too much and this is an unusual photo
as there appear to be no insects on it (they love it)!

A very kind Bumble Bee came along just as I was taking some photos of this Poppy!

An unknown yellow flowered plant in my Wildflower Meadow for Pollinators,
with Phacelia in the background.

I'll do another 'What's in Bloom' post in a few weeks as already much has changed.


  1. Oh My!!! Absolutely beautiful! I'm so impressed and know your must take good care of your wonderful garden. Your plants obviously love you :-)

    I am on day 3 of my first trip. LOTS of rain but nothing stops me so I'm getting lots of photos between the raindrops. Wildflowers are only just beginning as are mushrooms/fungus so that's been a little disappointing BUT there is always something to shoot so I have plenty to share. A blog post will come soon.

    1. Thanks very much Marianne! The poor garden has been rather hot and bothered just like me these last few weeks, but I have been heaping loads of water on it and we had tons of lovely rain last night!

      I'm looking forward to your blog post as I bet you are having a great time. I'm not sure if the rain is good or bad (I got the impression you wanted rain) but it must surely be good for the wildflowers and fungi eventually. You must be very high up for the wildflowers to be only beginning. It sounds cool there. Here is hot - although it's probably cool by your standards, but we are not used to temps in high 80s/low 90s! :-)