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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hallie meets the chickens

A few days before the snow I let the chickens out to roam free in the garden as their runs are practically just bare earth and at least they get to eat some grass out in the garden. Then Hallie came outside and met them face to face and decided they were something possibly pounceable upon. I worried a bit about her and Freddy the cockerel, as he has spurs on his legs, but Freddy is so laid back he's practically horizontal, so no worries!


If looks could kill

Do these bums look worried?

Waiting for the stragglers to arrive

"If I can't see you, you can't see me"


"Quick girls, leg it, whilst she's looking in the other direction"

"I'll have you, unsuspecting cockerel"

"Bring it on, cat!"

"You're surrounded, cat"

"Cockadoodle-doo (run girls!)"


"That wasn't much fun, let's go and dig up mum's flower beds instead"

So that was their first face to face encounter and then the chickens had far more fun helping me to garden. I hadn't noticed a sneaky person was taking photos of me taking photos of them.

As for my snowbear, it's a teeny blob now and will be gone before the day is over. What with snow and now persistent rain again, not a lot is happening on the gardening front and the spring that sprung forth ever so briefly has slunk off and we're back to winter again.


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    1. Hi Nick, thanks, he is rather a handsome fella. We rehomed him for a friend as he was not getting on with his son (that's Freddy's son, not my friend's son)! He is getting on a bit and spends most of his time looking like he's nodded off, except for when he fancies a bit of nooky, then he perks up for a brief while, then zzzzz again! ;-)

  2. Over at my friends house the cats know their place in the 'pecking order' and leave the hens and roosters well alone. What fun shots :)

    1. Hi Rosie, thanks for visiting! My previous cats knew full well that they were at the bottom of the pecking order but Hallie hasn't learnt that yet!

  3. She seemed more curious than threatening. I am surprised they got so close to her. I am so glad you captured it all for us to see. And I can see some of your daffodils blooming. About half of mine are blooming now. It is so nice to see some color in the garden. Funny how the weather is snowing now. It won't be much because the ground is warm, but it is still pretty as it is falling.

    1. Hi Michelle - that sounds like here last week. It was fun to play in the snow but it was great that the tarmac on the road stayed clear because the ground had been warmed up previously! We seem to be having every kind of weather imagineable at the moment. I have far more daffies in the front garden and many different kinds which are later blooming, which is nice. :-)