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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Rainfall data 2016

This has been the second driest year in the ten years that I've been keeping records (yes, ten whole years!). We either had loads of rain or very little. Autumn was so dry that my lake didn't refill completely until mid January 2017, which is the latest ever. I think during late summer the lawn was the brownest I've ever seen it. I just about managed to keep my plants happy by endless watering; again thank goodness for the 4,000 litre reservoir in the old septic tank, although I don't want to see my water bill as I used mains most of the time.


Jan  134.25
Feb   77.50
Mar  123.0
Apr   44.0
May  36.0
Jun   95.5
Jul    13.5
Aug  16.5
Sep  45.0
Oct   24.5
Nov  95.5
Dec  23.0

TOTAL:  728.25mm

Rainfall data since I started being geeky and keeping records:

2007:   944mm
2008:   878mm
2009:   867mm
2010:   757mm
2011:   663.75mm (over a quarter of which fell in December)

2012:   973.5mm 

2013:   969.75mm
2014: 1,067mm
2015:   769.5mm
2016:   728.25mm

P.S. Proper blog post coming soon; it feels really weird to have been ignoring my blog for so long, but I haven't been able to summon up any blogging energy.


  1. Whoah - lots of science stuff, my brain aaaarggghh!!!!

  2. We seem to think it rains all the time and cold during winter, but results just show it's not so, UK has had the 9th warmest winter on record this year.
    Amanda x

    1. Agree, if I did not have a rain gauge I'd think there was more rainfall than there actually is in winter cos the ground is wet. I don't think we have had a warm winter here as we had a couple of really cold spells, but the garden is way ahead because in between it has been mild. xx

  3. Interesting post Mandy. We bought a much better weather station recently that has a rain gauge so have become fascinated by the weather :)

    1. I wasn't expecting any comments, Caroline, and in fact I hadn't realised there were because somehow they ended up in a junk folder! I did have a quick look at your blog but I haven't read your more recent posts properly, which I will get around to doing soon! A proper weather station will be fun if you are as geeky as me about records. ;-)