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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Rainfall data 2014 and 2015

I didn't get to do this last year for obvious reasons so here's the last two years' data. Of course this post is just for my records!


Jan 163.5
Feb 180.5
Mar   42.5
Apr   60.25
May  53.25
Jun   31.0
Jul    70.0
Aug 136.5
Sep    7.0 !!!
Oct   92.5
Nov 144.5
Dec  85.5

TOTAL: 1,067.0

2014 has been the wettest year since I started keeping records, but I think it must be the wettest since moving here in 2004. That's not to say that I didn't need to water the garden, with only 7mm falling in September and the usual dry period during June.


Jan  97.5
Feb  91.5
Mar  35.5
Apr  79.5
May 67.5
Jun  21.5
Jul   48.0
Aug 114.0
Sep  56.5
Oct  24.5 !!!
Nov  85.5
Dec  48.0

TOTAL: 769.50mm

Back to a dry year again, but with August saving the day, otherwise I would have been watering from June through October. October's rainfall was incredibly low, as was December's. Here's hoping for a wet winter 2016 to replenish the water table. This year however the 4,000 litre ex septic tank water has been a godsend as I was able to hose the front garden from that tank using a pump.

Rainfall data since I started being geeky and keeping records:

2007:  944mm
2008:  878mm
2009:  867mm
2010:  757mm
2011:  663.75mm (over a quarter of which fell in December)

2012:  973.5mm 

2013:  969.75mm
2014: 1,067mm
2015:   769.50mm


  1. I find weather data fascinating. I only keep Min and Max temperature records here though. Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

  2. Thanks for that Geek. Have a great and healthy 2016.

  3. lol thanks RR and Roy, and Happy New Year to you both too. Actually I am sorting through some photos for a'New Year'post, just haven't had anything to say over the Xmas period. I'll be catching up with other blogs too! :-) xx