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Friday, 7 November 2014

More autumn colour

Here are some photos I've taken over the last couple of weeks of the continuing colour in the garden. We had our first frost yesterday and a low of 1.1C (brrrr!) so the dahlias are blackened, but the nasturtiums and other not frost hardy plants have survived - for the moment - although I don't see any more frost forecast for the next week, just lots more rain. So at least I can look out of the window at some of the remaining flowers! 

This was on 25th October when my Forest Pansy still had lots of
leaves on it - now there are only about a dozen left.

A lone Coneflower opens amongst a mass of dead stalks and seedheads!
What a brave little flower.

I think I like this time of year for the Hydranges best - they still have
that great fading colour with the first hints of skeletonised petals.

Lacecap Hydrangea with the Mophead in the background.

Liquidambar with a crane fly.

The veg patch is a weedy mess even though I did manage a bit of hoeing - but if I get the
angle right you can't see too many of them and the kale looks great with dew on it.

It's also a great macro subject but I didn't have anything dry to kneel on
so couldn't get too close to those droplets this time. :-)

Some trees which don't have particularly pretty colours can still look great
when the sun is shining on them - this is my purple leafed sycamore.

Of the fruit trees, this peach, and also the cherries can look quite colourful.

The best of course are the non-natives like my Liquidambar.
If you look full screen you can see a sunbathing fly and a hoverfly.
This isn't a bug post, but they are often there....

What a difference between its dropped leaf and the boring brown ones!

The top of the Liquidambar is much redder than the rest of the tree, and blow me down, I had no
idea there was a damselfly in this shot (bottom left) until I zoomed in on my monitor -
4th November and it's a Western Willow Spreadwing. Not bad!

I do have some critters to share as there are still a few insects around. Hopefully I'll get my act together to post them soon, as from Wednesday, my treatment starts. I am facing 5 weeks and 3 days of radiotherapy 5 days a week! On those days I take chemo pills; thankfully these are taken at home so there's no hanging around having it via drip at the hospital. Having to go there so often is going to be pretty tiring and time consuming, never mind the potential side effects from the treatment. I'll keep you posted even if I don't have much in the way of photos to share. I suppose one good thing is that this particular chemo drug is not one that makes you lose your hair....although it might thin. Well, we'll see. I had quite fancied a wig..... :-)

Hope you are all well and again I'll try now to catch up with your blogs and see what you have been up to! :-) xx


  1. Beautiful work, colours etc.
    I love the hydrangea. Gorgeous....
    The bokeh in one shot is very eye catching as well.

    Wish we would cool off here in New Orleans and get some fall colour. sigh...

    April Hill Fenwick

  2. Hi April and thanks my sweet. I wouldn't mind a bit of warmth again! I do understand about missing the fall colour though - but you don't have much winter so be grateful of that - well, until you move! :-)

  3. Stunning photos and such beautiful colours.
    All the best with your treatment next week Mandy :-)

    1. Just wish we had more native trees which turned these glorious colours, Deb!
      Many thanks.

  4. Autumn leaves always make a really nice image Mandy.

    1. Could do with some beech trees around here, Roy. Thanks very much.

  5. We seem to have missed the colour this year so thanks for sharing your's. Wishing you the best for your treatment. Take care.

    1. Not surprised Debrazzaman, your weather has been so strange your poor plants don't know whether they are coming or going! Thanks. :-)

  6. Yes we too have had a strange autumn here in Kent with trees that are either still green, or bare and so it's really nice to see the colour you have Mandy. I too love the bokeh in that one photo, and the droplets. Damselflies as well? Haven't seen one here for months now and wouldn't really expect to-dragonflies, yes, as few, but not damsels ;-)

    1. Hi JJ - I haven't seen a dragonfly since 1st Nov so was very surprised to see that damsel in the photo on the 4th! I think it's just this spreadwing damsel which is a late one.

      Our oaks are just turning slightly but many trees are still quite green, so it's a right mix here too. Thanks very much for your comment and have a good week. :-)

  7. Lovely set of photos Mandy, have seen a few insects on the Ivy flower when the sun was out last week, but this week has been the start of wet,damp and cold... everything is looking a bit sad and flat. Find it hard in these next few moths as I need sunshine to keep my spirits up... should have been a Dormouse, so I could hibernate through the winter months...
    Hope the treatment goes well, my friend has just finished both her treatments, and has still managed to work, it effects people differently...her positive fighting attitude has helped I think. So you go girl and get through this, ready for critters in Spring.
    Amanda xx

    1. Hi Amanda! I've seen loads of hoverflies and a few bees around my ivy flowers too - they are so important this time of year for late insects. I know the feeling about wanting to hibernate when the weather is rubbish and try my best to get outside for fresh air even when I just want to curl up indoors.

      First day of treatment went fine so here's hoping - just glad it has started and something is now being done to nuke it! Take care and thank you. xx