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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

April - the best in bloom this month

This is one of my favourite months of the year, when the majority of fruit trees blossom and the leaves appear on the trees and shrubs. My garden changes more during this month than any other, starting the month with most colour coming from bulbs and blossom, and ending a mass of blue with the Aquilegias, Forget Me Nots, Bluebells and Cat Mint at their best. It's a time to stop and stare a while and the only way to capture the moment is to photograph it, as a few days later it will be different yet again!

I bought mixed Narcissus bulbs years ago and have no idea
of names. I just enjoy the variety of colours and shapes,
flowering at different times.

Funnily enough whilst randomly googling I came across Narcissus 'Geranium' which I think is the above variety!

This kind of bog standard tulip comes back year after year, never losing quality.
The Pulmonaria in the background is still flowering, after about two months.

Geranium Phaeum, which is becoming a bit of a thug!
The plants just get bigger and bigger and self seed everywhere.

Ornamental Weeping Cherry by the pond was a delight.

Species Tulips look beautiful whether they are open or closed.

They open on sunny days, which thankfully we had plenty of this month!

This Rhododendron was smothered in flowers and is just starting to go over now, 
but I've a later flowering one to take its place!

More unknown Narcissus - they are growing in my Thyme bank and always
look downhill, so I can't get closer to them to photograph them.

Wallflowers (Erysimum). I used to poo-poo these spring bedding plants
but now I know how wonderful they are; delightfully fragrant
with really bright colours just when you need them, early in the year.

Front of the house looking bright with the Euphorbias still going strong.
Two out of three cats got into the picture, can you spot them?

A nice place to sit and have a cuppa, as can be seen by the two mugs
on the bench that I forgot were there! That's the Weeping Cherry,
although it's not weeping that much as we gave it a haircut last year.

The big old eating Cherry looked magnificent too.

Here it is behind the Lilac.

Lilac. What more can I say. Mmmm!

This pic goes back to earlier in the month, when my Cercis Canadensis 'Forest Pansy' was
smothered in buds. This is its 3rd spring here and so far the buds had never opened,
just dropping onto the ground after a week or two.

Hoorah, after several weeks some of the flowers actually opened up!
It wasn't the blast of colour that it should be, and after this most of the buds..... dropped off!
But this is a huge improvement.

Round the front of the house, the Golden Oregano now matches the colour
from the Euphorbias. That's a raspberry and blackberry bed
looking ugly in the background!

Early morning near the end of the month,
the Arum Lily (Zantedeschia) is starting to flower.

Blue Aquilegias and Alpine Forget Me Not, which is small and compact and fills the gaps nicely.

Couldn't forget Apple blossom!

When the Tulips start to lose their petals,
it's a lot easier to see their insides. :-)

This last week has been mostly wet and cloudy, so I haven't taken many new photos, but did get a photo of my first Clematis to flower when the sun came out later in the afternoon yesterday.

Clematis 'Miss Bateman'.

I think I may resurrect my Flowers by Month theme where I managed to feature flowers every month for the entire year in 2012. I take so many photos I need somewhere to share them!


  1. Ho my, what a lovely garden,booked the ticket's going to live on that bench and spend the rest of my days wandering round your garden.... Beautiful photos and flowers...
    Amanda xx

    1. You are welcome, Amanda, come and join in the tea party with Jan who has commented below, he is bringing the doughnuts! Plenty of bugs here too. :-)

  2. I love your lush garden, Mandy and I'm always pleased with you showing me around!
    That Arum lily sure is a proud one! And there is my bench again : bring on the scones and tea, I'll brings some boules de berlin!

    1. Thanks Jan and I'll be taking some photos of the arum lily for sure. The bench is waiting for you and there is even some iced chocolate marmalade cake here right now! But hurry! :-)

  3. SO very beautiful! Aren't we fortunate to have endless photo ops in our gardens :-)

  4. A wonderful experience! They will often comply early in the morning when they're still cold but I think they know and love you :-)

    Loved the caterpillars! And your flowers....fantastic!

    1. Hmmmm....I wonder what happened?! This comment is obviously supposed to go with your butterfly on the finger post :-) I think my brain hasn't come out of vacation mode yet :-)

    2. haha never mind Marianne! Thanks for both comments. I've only seen one butterfly early in the morning so far which was covered in dew, now that was amazing! I keep forgetting to take more floral photos because there are bugs around now, but I must. Lovely perfume now from a very scented rose and my honeysuckle. :-)