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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Kitty chaos

The kittens passed the three month mark recently without us noticing that they had grown; we knew they must have done but it wasn't until a few days ago that that growth became obvious. Suddenly instead of being just a head and handful, they were a head and two handfuls! I don't know if they had a growth spurt or we only just noticed. However I think they are more fun at this age than at two months and they have had the time to bond with us, almost bond with Hallie, and their characters have become more apparent. Life with kittens is chaotic, noisy and messy but I would like time to stand still and for them to stay like this for a lot longer!

Harry has turned out to be a right little boy - he's doesn't want cuddles and is the one who nearly always instigates the fighting. He loves to play but has yet to develop any voice other than a strange high pitched squeak. Bertie on the other hand is rather girly, he does love to cuddle up and wants to be the centre of attention all the time. He very quickly learned that his insistent shriek which means "Attention! I want attention, and I want it now!" would result in us giving him a cuddle every time, because despite the fact that he always does this when we are in the middle of doing something (usually at the sink, usually wet) when you are hopelessly in love with your kittens you just cannot resist. Ever!

Taking pictures of them indoors is never easy as I hate using flash, which seems to make them look different and older, yet not using it results in grainy photos due to the slow shutter speed. And slow shutter speeds are the last thing you want with kittens running around like loonies! So here are a selection of pics from about the middle of last month, mostly when they are not moving!

Harry the little monster.

Bert(ie) the little angel.

Bertie still wants to be the centre of attention even when he's being gnawed by Harry!

Pretending to be quiet, angelic little kitties.

With flash, Bertie loses the cute look and turns ferocious.

I think one of the things which helped them to bond with Hallie was trying to suckle on her! She seemed to quite enjoy it and most of the time now just alternates between ignoring them, giving them a good wash and brush up or fighting back at them (mostly Harry). She's a bit over exuberant at times and we've had to step in as it looks a bit too rough, but then the silly kittens just leap on her again, poor cat!

Hallie being surrogate mum to Bertie.

Happy kitties :-)

Is it a bird, is it a plane? Harry has already jumped down 5 foot from this window
to freedom so it is now kept closed!

Indoor windowsills are good for soaking up the sun!

Do not be fooled! This kitten is a monster!

Hallie doesn't want to be left out - one of the rare occasions she sat still.

Most of my pictures of her these days seem to be
when she's pretending to be stuck up a tree!

Everyone wants MY blankie!
Taken by my OH when I was curled up asleep.

Life under the kitchen table.
Which idiot chose dark blue cushions which are now covered in pale cat hair?

Do not be fooled. Harry is a monster!
One day he may even grow into his enormous ears.

I guess the next step is getting collars on them, and then in due course they'll be let outside.... although I dread that day, as I don't want to lose them, and I know they'll be daft once they're out there. Maybe I'll get them little harnesses and take them out on a lead to start with. :-)


  1. Great photos and beautiful cats Mandy :-))

    1. Mr Levers!! I'm so sorry, I just found your comment in my spam box. I saw the email notification for it at the time but thought you'd deleted your comment. If you read this apologies on behalf of Blogger's strange system. Thanks hon :-)

  2. don't let them out with ot you being there, never alone.

    1. Thank you for commenting. I don't intend to let them out of my sight when they first go out into the garden!

  3. Fantastic :-) They are precious and I know what a joy they are!

    Would you believe my O.H. had never had a pet in his entire life when I met him?! I really wanted to adopt older cats who had been abandoned because their owners died but since Christopher had never experienced kittens, I HAD to adopt some! He was smitten immediately, of course :-)

    Because of the dangers of predators in the desert, they only go out on a lead/harness. It actually isn't difficult to train them but you have to be patient. I started by putting the harness on for a few minutes every day and increasing the time every few days. Works like a charm.

    FINALLY got around to posting to my blog. I've been consumed with trying to get some books done and develop tunnelvision like I do with every thing I like! I'm a terrible time manager :-) Oh...I just found a cool plug-in for my blog that posts a gallery of my 9 latest Instagram images. Love it!

    1. Oh absolutely, everyone should experience kittens at least once in their lifetime! I am trying to savour every moment of them being small and cute (alternating with being devil kittens of course!), because all too quickly they grow up. We used a harness on Smokey when he first went out and I really think I will try that with these two as it's hard enough watching one kitten when they first go outside, let alone two.

      As I said in the other comment I will look at your blog tomorrow. So pleased you have got what you wanted done. I need to take time off from G+ next week to catch up on sorting out my photos and getting some more blog posts prepared. Thanks very much for visiting and commenting - you don't have to comment on every post, you know :-)

  4. Awww! They are soooooooooooo cute! I wish that my husband was more open to pets. My daughter and son-in-law (and their two cats) occupy the upstairs of our house. They've been here for several years now, but their female cat, who has never made an attempt to get past the 4 foot tall gate at the top of the stairs, decided to start visiting us downstairs.

    Once we figured out that she was not jumping the gate, but was slipping through between the slats in the banister railing, we fixed things so she could not slip through anymore.

    But, she quit eating and lost 3 pounds before my daughter noticed. After a trip to the vet, where she gourged on the food they offered her there, they were told that cats sometimes get mad at you and will stop eating. I guess she really, really wanted to come downstairs to see me! Of course, the other possibility was that my son-in-law had been away for two weeks. Perhaps she was just missing him? ;-)

    After the trip to the vet, she finally started eating again. If they had just waited another day or so, they probably could have avoided a vet bill. I think she finally just go so hungry, that she couldn't act out with her behavioral issue anymore, and started eating again. I must admit, though, I miss her downstairs visits. :-)

    1. Interesting story Kaleh! Cats are funny creatures and really don't like change very much - I bet that cat was missing you! I hope you visit her upstairs sometimes. :-) Kittens are a joy but they do involve a fair bit of work and it really wouldn't be practical to have cats stay as kittens forever. We are just starting to take them outside on a lead and harness to get used to the garden - easier than worrying myself senseless when they disappear out of view, but eventually they will have to be left to do their own thing!

  5. Oh ... I do go upstairs to check things out and visit with her while she suns in the cat tree next to one of the windows.

    I do hope your kittens become wise as they mature and don't cause you too much worry. :-)

    1. Glad to hear it! I will always worry about my cats and like to keep them locked in at night so I know they are safe, then any cat howling I hear I know it's not one of mine, and I can sleep. :-) Harry the ginger kitten met the chickens (through fence wire) and was terrified! It was so funny and he was quite fluffed up. The other one wasn't at all bothered. There's a lot for them to get acquainted with outside. :-)