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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Rainfall data 2012

Rainfall for the year 2012

Jan: 53mm
Feb: 21mm (rain and a bit of snow)
Mar: 28mm
Apr: 142mm
May: 65mm
Jun: 90mm
Jul:  73.5mm
Aug: 26.75mm
Sep: 64mm
Oct: 159.5mm
Nov: 72.75mm
Dec: 178mm

Total for the year: 973.5mm

which is the wettest year I have recorded since I started in 2007!!! I still had to use my hosepipe in March after a really dry spring, and again during a two month dry period from mid July to mid September, so I won't have a low water bill this year. What a shame the rain can't spread itself out and we could have 100mm each summer month and only about 50mm each winter month.... but I have to be grateful that this year we have had a really wet autumn which is replenishing the water table, after two really dry winters in a row.

Previous years' rainfall:

2007:  944mm
2008:  878mm
2009:  867mm
2010:  757mm
2011:  663.75mm (over a quarter of which fell in December)

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