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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I forgot to mention....

...... that I have added a Follow by Email button on the right hand side column, near the top above Followers. I've tested this myself and it does work. You will get the entire blog posting in an email, and the photos are clickable to view full size if you wish (they are always better viewed that way). If you want to reach the blog itself from there i.e. to leave a comment - always lovely to get some feedback from readers (I don't bite and I always reply!) - just click on the title in the email and that will take you through to the blog itself.

I've also created a Facebook page for Chateau Moorhen. I did try to get a widget on the right hand column showing this but the code that I was given didn't seem to work! I'll have another go at some point but in the meantime, follow the link below and you can look at this page as I will be adding other photos that don't appear in the blog, and it's open to public viewing. You don't have to have a Facebook account to view it, but you will have to have an account and 'Like' the page if you wish to comment, and then you will also get Chateau Moorhen updates and photos in your newsfeed.

I hope this link works!


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